Shopify vs Easystore: Which should Malaysians use for their business?

Shopify vs Easystore are two big names when it comes to ecommerce website building. But which one is the most suitable for your business in Malaysia? In this article, we will compare the main features between two platforms and guide you how to choose the most suitable for you. 

Shopify vs Easystore

You can create your own ecommerce website easily using ecommerce website builders like Shopify and EasyStore. While EasyStore is a Malaysian startup, Shopify is established in Canada. What you get from Shopify or EasyStore is

everything you require to list products, begin selling, and rapidly set up your store is available on a plug-and-play platform. Below are the main features of these two platforms in comparison. 

Shopify vs Easystore pricing in Malaysia

Shopify pricing plan

For the Basic Shopify plan, the price is RM120/month. With this plan, you get 2 staff accounts, 24/7 support, sales channel, 1 public storefront, up to 1000 inventory locations, marketing automation, abandoned cart recovery, etc. Transaction fee for this plan is 2%.

For the Shopify plan, the price is RM355/month. You get the same features as the Basic Shopify plan, plus ecommerce automations and standard report features and 5 staff accounts. Transaction fee for this plan is 1%.

For the Advanced Shopify plan, you need to charge RM1267/month. You will get 15 staff accounts and an advanced report per month. 

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Easystore pricing plan

On the other hand, EasyStore provides three pricing tiers:

For the Lite plan, which costs RM59 per month, you receive 2 staff accounts. You won’t have access to the EasyStore Lite plan’s abandoned cart recovery tool, POS system, or mobile app. You are limited to 1000 product uploads and 5 integrations. Although Basic Shopify offers more functionality than EasyStore Lite, you must be aware that it costs twice as much.

With the Standard plan, which costs RM199 per month, you can have limitless product uploads and five staff accounts. With the Shopify plan, you can have as many integrations as you want, however the EasyStore Standard plan only allows for a maximum of 15. 

For the Business plan, which costs RM499 per month, you get ten staff accounts, five sale channels, 25 app integrations and everything you get from Standard plan. 

Noticeably, Easystore doesn’t charge you any fee per transaction you make.

Shopify vs EasyStore apps integration 

Both Shopify and EasyStore’s marketplace apps let you add more capabilities to your store in addition to the standard ones.

Shopify’s app store is developed; with over 3,700 Shopify and third-party apps, you may modify the features of your store pretty much any way you like.

Nevertheless, EasyStore’s app marketplace is somewhat constrained; with only 100+ apps, you’ll quickly reach a barrier in terms of how far you can expand the functionality of your shop.

Another key feature must be mentioned is that while Shopify offers numerous global marketplace integration such as: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopee, etc, EasyStore’s marketplace apps for integration are famous for Malaysia and Southeast Asia such as Shopee, Lazada, eRomman, etc. 

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Shopify vs EasyStore shipping apps

The marketplace on Shopify has a wide range of domestic and international courier services such as FedEx, DHL, EasyParcel, etc. Meanwhile, you can integrate with well-known regional shipping aggregators and courier services like: EasyParcel, Lalamove, SendParcel, Nijiavan, etc.

With the help of the shipping tools offered by Shopify, you can quickly streamline your logistics if your company sells to both domestic and foreign clients.

EasyStore, on the other hand, has a very limited selection of international shipping apps, making it more suited to the local or regional market.

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Shopify vs EasyStore theme options

You have access to hundreds of high-quality paid and free themes through Shopify’s theme marketplaces. Themes for EasyStore, however, are more constrained. The template library of EasyStore only has more than 50 themes. The majority of the templates are designed with the F&B or fashion industries in mind. Although having a few, all of EasyStore’s themes are free for customers on any subscription plan. 

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Payment gateways for Shopify vs EasyStore

The payment gateway for your store is arguably one of its most crucial components because it’s how you’ll accept money for orders placed by customers. Effective payment gateway will encourage your customers to make a purchase. 

With two of the most well-known and dependable local payment gateways in Malaysia, both Shopify and EasyStore provide native integration capabilities such as PayPal, iPay88, Stripe, etc. Whether you choose to create your store on Shopify or EasyStore, you are basically covered whether you sell domestically or abroad.

Shopify vs EasyStore resources for learning

Having some assistance on their path can be quite helpful for e-commerce newbies. To help e-commerce business owners of all sizes and in all industries, Shopify provides a vast library of articles, tips, forums, tools, podcasts, and more. EasyStore learning materials are quite limited. 

Shopify vs EasyStore Assistance

Shopify provides help around-the-clock, but EasyStore only provides support during working hours on weekdays in Malaysia.

Shopify’s service is considerably greater if you prefer having access to it seven days a week, at all hours. On the other hand, EasyStore’s support from other Malaysians is difficult to match if you value help from Malaysians in general. 


Both EasyStore and Shopify offer a complete ecommerce ecosystem with regular updates and improvements, making them equally fantastic for your online business. Shopify, without a doubt, performs best for the global market and has more third-party connectors that are future-proof. However, if you want to focus on the local market, EasyStore is the right option for you. Need help with building your own ecommerce store, Scuti is here to help.

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