Top 15 free Shopify themes to establish your brand and grow business

When a store’s website is poorly designed, customers can always tell, which is bad for your brand. While there are many ecommerce marketing techniques that can increase traffic to your Shopify site, the design is still the cornerstone upon which everything else is built. It can be challenging to select the top free Shopify theme. Some free design templates have stronger support options than others, while not all of them are at the cutting edge. So that you may personalize your store, we’ve compiled a selection of the best free Shopify themes that you can download right away.

Definition of free Shopify themes

You may use a Shopify theme as a template to give your online store a particular appearance and feel. Although each theme has a unique layout and design, you may modify it to fit your brand by altering elements like fonts or colors.

For instance, you could want your website to look refined and fashionable if you sell perfume. To create the desired brand association, using a customized Shopify theme that evokes the appropriate appearance and feel will help.

Themes are a fantastic method to customize your website since they allow you to make changes without understanding how to code. The free Shopify themes now provides can be found on their theme website.

Free Shopify themes

1.     Debut

The Debut theme resembles a blog or traditional business website in appearance thanks to its basic design and almost retro setting. This theme is the most popular for a reason: it can be customized, loads really quickly, is simple to use, and is adaptable enough to work with a variety of stores, no matter how much inventory you have.

It looks fantastic on both desktop and mobile and is created to promote your business and products in a stunning way. Shopify itself disseminates and supports this theme.

2.     Simple

The name of the Simple theme is quite accurate given how simple yet elegant the storefront template is. Each of the layouts offer an abundance of white space, and unlike some other minimalist themes available, this one allows you to sell a wide range of goods.

The Simple theme frequently receives favorable ratings. This simple, minimalistic theme is very easy to set up and provides the essential features you’ll need to launch an ecommerce site quickly.

Simple is especially helpful if your website has a “Shop” page because this Shopify theme offers a sizable area for a product image display.

It has a sidebar menu for better navigation and product image zoom so your customers can see more of the finer elements of each image. With this theme, you may also display products that are highly recommended, assisting customers in finding fresh items in your catalog.

3.     Brooklyn

One of the best free Shopify themes in our list is Brooklyn. You can expect excellent navigation even on a mobile device because it uses a responsive design strategy that prioritizes mobile users.

If you have fewer products than a vast inventory, the theme is ideal. You can display product photographs in an eye-catching place by using the top full-screen slideshow.

Your consumers may simply add goods to their cart without leaving their current page thanks to a dynamic product grid and slide-out cart. The Brooklyn theme also includes a homepage video. As a guest enters, it begins to play, assisting you in explaining your business or introducing a fresh product you have. In addition, Brooklyn performs exceptionally well on mobile platforms.

4.     Debutify

Debutify is a perfect choice if you’re searching for a reliable substitute for themes offered by Shopify. The theme doesn’t necessitate coding and loads pages quickly, which is a crucial factor in lowering cart abandonment.

More extensive features are available with Debutify, including the ability to add a customizable footer or product testimonials, as well as more sophisticated product filters and a featured image slider.

Also, it provides a currency converter for Shopify Payments’ multi-currency checkout options, which is helpful if your customers are from another country. 

5.      Narrative

This theme’s name, Narrative, isn’t simply a hint as to what it excels at—showcasing individual products through storytelling.

The Narrative theme was created to showcase a product and list all of its advantages and characteristics on a single page. But that doesn’t mean you can’t include more. You certainly can, but single products work the best.

For those who prefer a better look, the hero video has a fullscreen button and an autoplay functionality. Basically, the Narrative subject lends itself well to the art of visual storytelling. You can alter anything, from photos to block quotes, to guide customers through the history of your business.

6.      Venture

Since minimalist themes may be used in numerous categories, they are particularly effective. But occasionally, you might choose something that differs in both appearance and texture. If your goods caters to the sports and adventure markets, Venture is a free Shopify theme with a definite outdoorsy vibe that is a wonderful choice.

Large product catalogs were taken into consideration when creating Venture. Customers can easily locate what they’re looking for with the help of this free theme’s effective features, which include a multi-column drop-down menu and product filtering.

However, bear in mind that this theme was created for Shopify dropshipping companies with a large number of products; therefore, if you have a small number of products, it might not be the ideal choice.

7.       Fashe

The Shopify theme Fashe was created by Colorlib. Before deciding to make it available for free, it was really designed as a paid template. This implies that Fashe has all the features you’d get in a premium theme, but free.

The simplicity of the Fasche theme’s design makes it effective for a variety of industries, including fashion, electronics, and bakeries.

That has the drawback of appearing a little too basic. Yet if you customize it, you may have an attractive ecommerce site without paying a premium.

8.       Boundless

The Boundless theme from Shopify can be a fantastic choice if your site specializes in high-quality photography. With this free theme, the focus of your online store is your product photos.

Boundless is a visually driven theme that is optimized for larger photos, giving you the chance to display high-resolution product imagery all around your business. Moreover, it provides sticky navigation, a fade-effect slideshow, and video options for the main page.

Boundless is useful whether you’re selling bicycles or candies because it’s quite minimalist.

9.       Voonex

This Apollo Themes free Shopify theme was created specifically to fit an ecommerce business that deals in conferences and events.

The unique features of this theme include sections like Event Information, Speaker Profiles, Sponsors, Schedules, The Venue, and Event Blog, as well as a layout that is specifically designed to make it easy for visitors to access event information. The site navigation is simple with Voonex.

The basic version of this theme, which has less features, is free. Paying for the Premium version, which costs USD $56, will provide you access to more advanced features.

10.      Express

This theme is ideal if you need to quickly launch your Shopify store. The Express theme from Shopify gets you online quickly. The theme is straightforward and simple to use, optimized for smartphones, and ideal for one-page stores. There are two variations to pick from. Without leaving the current page, shoppers can rapidly add goods to their shopping carts.

11.       Supply

Supply can be the ideal Shopify theme for you if you’re an online retailer with a sizable inventory and numerous collections. If you have more than 50 products, more than five collections, or extensive menus, this theme will make you stand out.

It has a sidebar you can customize, a slideshow, making it simple to display prominent collections on the homepage.

The ability to enable filters so that your consumers can divide collection pages by brand, price, and other customizable criteria is another intriguing feature. The Product Reviews app can be easily integrated into the theme to let you add a customer review feature to your products.

12.      Thalia

Thalia, created by aThemes, is a simple and minimalistic theme that works well for fashion firms. A responsive slideshow, sophisticated filters and swatches, and a slide-out (Ajax) cart are some of its features.

This theme is clean and minimalistic, ideal for presenting and selling fashion, and adaptable enough to fit with a wide range of store kinds.

Thalia features editable About Us, Contact, and FAQ page sections in addition to complete color and typeface customization.

13.       Minimal

It’s typically advisable to keep things basic when first starting off. The Minimal theme from Shopify offers a clear, straightforward layout that maintains the focus on your products. It features a user-friendly, cutting-edge design that doesn’t divert your customers. 

The Minimal theme’s main features include a stunning slideshow that supports huge photos of your top products. This slideshow appears on your site to increase conversions and provide visitors a thorough overview of your offerings. On the product pages, there is also some excellent product filtering. Users can choose to only view your best sellers or to view a certain category in this way.

For those selling in the categories of apparel and accessories, home and garden, and art and entertainment, Minimal sells well since it is simple to put up.

14.        Suitup

Suitup is a flexible theme that is available on Template Monster. Compared to the other options on this list, it offers far more functionality and design versatility. It also has a full mega menu to facilitate easier product finding. However, the enhanced functionality has a price. By sharing the link on your social media networks, you can download the theme for free; but, support and updates will end up costing you the same amount as a commercial theme.

15.         Sense

This theme is stimulating and includes detailed product layouts. Theme setup procedures are simplified to enable rapid launch. Sense theme was made to display pictures in support of visual brand storytelling to enhance customers’ understanding about the brand and the products. Moreover, without touching any code, you may accomplish your ideal vision with flexible design and customization choices.


Building and sustaining a successful ecommerce website requires excellent design. Thanks to the selection of paid and free themes available, you may build a stunning Shopify store. The best Shopify theme will be easier to select if you have a clear grasp of your target market, the experience you want to provide, and the functionality you require. Using Shopify’s free themes makes it quick and simple to launch your store while enhancing the user experience for your consumers.

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