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Scuti JSC - Your reliable Japanese IT outsourcing company based in Vietnam that serves high standard market like Japan but at very affordable price.

Our software development service brings your ideas to life. From start to finish, we'll guide you through the development process, making your vision a reality.
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Software development

What is software development outsourcing?

Software development outsourcing refers to the practice of entrusting your software development tasks, either partially or entirely, to an external team. This team consists of skilled developers, testers, designers, and infrastructure engineers who are selected based on your specific requirements. Moreover, a dedicated project manager oversees and coordinates the project to ensure its success, while keeping you informed about the progress.

By opting for software development outsourcing, organizations can expedite their technology roadmap by swiftly assembling dedicated teams, benefiting from specialized expertise, and saving time on routine management tasks.
What you get?


Ensure your in-house team stays on track

Allow our team to manage your software development while you concentrate on the essential aspects that propel your business towards success.

Eliminate delays in the hiring process

Quickly assemble a high-performing team of skilled professionals, enabling you to focus on your core business objectives.

Increase your management productivity through strategic optimization

Benefit from self-managed teams that take charge of daily deliverables, enabling you to focus on defining direction and milestones.

Guarantee the highest level of product quality

We implement comprehensive testing procedures to guarantee the development of error-free and top-quality software.

No worries. We Cover Your Tech Stack.

Our 100+ team has expertise in almost every top programming language.

Our working process.

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Join exploration call.

Let's discuss your business on a discovery call. We'll cover team structure, approach, success criteria, timeline, budget, and required skills to see how we can assist.

Discuss solution and team structure.

In a matter of days, we'll wrap up your project specifications, agree on how we'll proceed, and bring your team on board.

Get Started And Track Performance.

Once we agree on the goals, we'll start working right away. We'll keep track of progress, provide regular updates, and adapt to your changing needs.

Customer satisfaction is our North Star.

Make Services People Love.
“For our company, this is the first time developing software in the form of Offshore but it has achieved more than expected results. Thanks to Scuti, we were able to launch fan club site  5 times faster and have reduced costs by 30% compared to the initial estimation."

Mr. Natsumi Takamura

Axel Entertainment Co., Ltd.
"Scuti have assembled a team of very highly skilled engineers, whose expertise is deemed rare to find in Japan, dedicated to developing proprietary systems, even for venture companies."

Mr. Ryo Nagai

CEO of R9 Corporation.
"Our collaboration with Scuti has surpassed our expectations and revolutionized our view of offshore development. Their partnership has become indispensable to our innovation-driven business, and we eagerly look forward to continuing our collaboration to mutually accelerate our growth in the future."

Mr. Kota Takahashi

Director YETT Co., Ltd.

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