Shopify pricing: The simple guide for your online business

Unquestionably, one of the best-known ecommerce platforms online is Shopify. It includes a number of tools and features that make it simple for you to establish your online business rapidly. Yet, have you ever questioned how much it would cost to set up and maintain a Shopify store? In this post, we’ll examine the Shopify pricing plans and talk about the variables that affect operating expenses.

Shopify pricing plans

The price plan you choose will have a significant impact on the cost of your Shopify development. Shopify offers the following three pricing tiers:

  • – Basic Shopify
  • – Shopify
  • – Advanced Shopify

Each plan includes a unique set of features. Before using any programs, you get to take advantage of a 3-day free trial period. 

1. Basic Shopify

The least expensive package is Basic Shopify, which costs $25 per month. It has many features that small business owners may find helpful. If you pay yearly, this pricing plan only costs you $19 per month. 

You also have access to tools like manual order generation, discount codes, abandoned cart recovery emails, basic performance report and a free SSL certificate with the Shopify Basic account.

Even if your physical businesses are dispersed across several locations, you can manage them with this solution.

The main disadvantage of the Basic plan is that it excludes services like third-party calculated shipping rates and ecommerce automations. 

2. Shopify

The most popular package, Shopify, costs $65 per month. Although it costs significantly more than the $25 Basic Shopify plan, it includes practically all of Shopify’s capabilities. If you pay monthly, this pricing plan only requires $49 per month. 

For companies with more demanding requirements, the Shopify plan is appropriate. All the features of the Basic Shopify Plan are included in this plan, plus more. You get 5 staff accounts, standard performance reports and ecommerce automations. 

3. Advanced Shopify

For large-inventory enterprise ecommerce firms, the Advanced Shopify plan is the best option. It costs $399 per month if you pay monthly, and $299 per month if you pay yearly. 

All of the features from the Basic and Shopify plans are included in this plan. Also, you get to take advantage of reduced transaction costs, fantastic shipping services like third-party determined rates, and reporting that is even more sophisticated than what is provided by Shopify’s lower-tier products. Moreover, you get duties and import taxes function, which estimate and collect import taxes and charges at the point of sale to clearly communicate the entire cost to clients and lower your risk of returns and package rejections.

4. Shopify Plus vs Shopify Starter

Shopify Starter is the simplest package. You may quickly construct a Starter store with Shopify’s top checkout system for $5 USD per month. And using Shopify Payments will cost you 5% in transaction fees.The starter package is perfect for sharing a link to a product on social media, via email, SMS, WhatsApp, and other channels. Also, putting it up doesn’t take a lot of time or work. Also, Starter plan makes it simple for shoppers to make purchases whenever and wherever they see your products thanks to its mobile device optimization.

Shopify Plus was created specifically for massive ecommerce businesses.

It includes all the capabilities offered by the Advanced plan in addition to other features like automation that can help you save a lot of time. Also, there are capabilities for third-party program integration, sophisticated security, and currency support.

Companies that use Shopify Plus also benefit from improved features including tailored customer assistance, a dedicated project manager, launch manager, merchant success manager, and account manager, to name a few. The ability to automate practically everything has to be Shopify Plus’s greatest benefit.

Additional Shopify pricing

1. Website setting up cost

A Shopify website requires money to set up. You must engage a Shopify Expert if you want someone else to create the design and structure of your website. 

  • If you want to hire an ecommerce agency to help you build a Shopify store, Scuti is here to help.

In addition, Shopify apps, themes, and domain names will cost money. 

Store owners are not required by Shopify to set up or host their own domains. All of its subscriptions include domain names, and store owners can select one of the free domains that the company offers.

Purchasing a custom domain is an additional option. Depending on the sort of domain you select, this will cost roughly $11 per year and may even go as high as $81.

Shopify provides themes with editing capabilities so you may change the colors, style, and design of your website. Choose from more than 100 free themes or roughly 70 paid themes. Costs for the premium themes range from $150 to $350.

Like almost every software, Shopify cannot always satisfy the needs of every business, and this is where add-ons and integrations come in. Apps allow you to include features usually not offered by Shopify itself. In fact, Shopify has over 3000 apps that you can use to enhance the functionality of your store. Some cost money, while others are free.

2. Fees for transactions on Shopify

The transaction fees are another Shopify expense area that affects your overall operating costs. Every time a transaction is conducted via a third-party payment service provider, you are charged a transaction fee. For Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify plans, extra fees of 2%, 1%, or 0.5% will apply if you select a Shopify third-party payment processor. While using Shopify Payments, stores pay no transaction fees. 

3. Shopify credit card pricing

You must pay a little fee to Shopify in order to take Visa and Mastercard and other well-known credit cards as payment in your business. Depending on the plan you select, these costs change.

4. Shopify POS pricing

Your monthly Shopify POS costs will be made up of your Shopify plan, transaction costs, and POS Pro subscriptions (if you choose to upgrade).

Your Shopify package, which is offered on a monthly or annual basis, includes your retail POS, e-commerce, payments processing, marketing, analytics, shipping tools, and more. Each sale has transaction costs deducted automatically, allowing you to control cash flow and see payouts exactly. Plans for Shopify start at $29/month when paid annually. You can upgrade to Shopify POS Pro for each location for an extra $89 USD/month.


When using a platform, it’s important to understand the fees and charges associated with it. The Shopify plans and the app fees make up the two main cost elements for Shopify. If you are searching how to set up a Shopify store, learn more here.

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