Top best free apps for your Shopify store to dominate competition

The Shopify platform’s App Store is one of its greatest features with more than 7,000 applications total, in which more than half of which are free. And by free, we actually mean that there is no cost associated with using them. However, some of them might be utilizing a freemium model. In this article, we made an effort to list the best free Shopify apps for you to choose the most suitable one for your website.

Best Shopify free apps

1. PageFly 

One of the most well-liked landing page generators is PageFly. It enables you to create stunning products and landing pages without any coding. You may develop any custom content you need to convert as many visitors as you want with PageFly’s flexible drag-and-drop library. The best part is that a free plan is available.

2. Omnisend

For handling email campaigns, SMS messages, and push notifications, use Omnisend. It connects into Shopify Flow for setting up complex workflows and works flawlessly with Shopify.

Omnisend provides a selection of pre-built processes and template options to help with lead generation, conversion optimization, and customer retention. For cart recovery, browse abandonment, review requests, and other scenarios, you can quickly create one or more emails in a chain.

With the help of the email and SMS marketing platform Omnisend, you can automate, customize, evaluate, and enhance your campaigns. There is a free plan that allows for up to 500 emails each month to up to 250 contacts. 

3. Offset

Use Offset if you want to cancel off your shipping’s greenhouse gas emissions. A Shopify program called Offset figures out the total emissions produced by your dispatched orders.

Your money supports projects to safeguard forests, and the price is often low—a few cents per order. Offset provides a dashboard where you can see your environmental impact, such as how many trees you’ve saved, and communicate those figures to your clients.

4. Shopify Email

Shopify Email is a terrific marketing tool for creating an email list and managing your campaigns if you want to market your company via email.

You can quickly and easily send branded emails to subscribers from your Shopify admin panel with Shopify Email. The program features a number of pre-made themes that take information from your business, including your logo, product photos, descriptions, and more. Moreover, you may quickly change the text and buttons.

Your contact lists can be easily imported into Shopify. To further optimize your customer acquisition and retention efforts, create and send your campaigns, and then monitor results like opens, clicks, add-to-carts, and transactions. Each month, you receive 2,500 emails for free, and you simply pay $1 for every 1,000 emails you send.

5. UpPromote

For your Shopify store, UpPromote is an automated, all-in-one affiliate and influencer marketing solution. It enables you to quickly approach potential affiliates and create a professional affiliate campaign. There is a free plan available on the app, and all paid subscriptions include a 14-day trial.

Both a marketplace and a platform for managing affiliate marketing may be found on UpPromote. The app enables you to establish affiliate links, create registration forms for potential partners, and monitor referral performance.

Affiliate marketing should be on your list of everyday chores if you’re trying to increase the customer base for your store. You can manage and track your affiliates more easily using the UpPromote app. You may use UpPromote to develop an internal referral network for clients in addition to working with external affiliates and making coupons for them to promote your goods.

6. Zigpoll Customer Surveys

One of the advanced Shopify apps for doing post-purchase customer surveys is called Zigpoll. Zigpoll offers attractive and concise polls that make it easy to engage your audience and learn important details about their primary areas of interest. You may create a poll directly from your dashboard without knowing any code.

A free plan is available from Zigpoll, however it only allows for 100 responses per month. Upgrade to the Basic plan (up to 1,000 answers) for $10 per month if you want more. At $25 per month, you can collect an unlimited number of responses with the Unlimited plan.


One of the free Shopify apps called enables you to make product videos that increase sales for your business. Making videos needs little to no work from you. Simply decide on the kind of film you require and the merchandise you wish to advertise. Finally, will extract all of the pictures and video that are already on your website and turn them into a commercial for your company.

8. Joy

Joy is a Shopify app that offers prizes and a loyalty system to help businesses strengthen their connections with customers. You can create a pop-up in the app that invites users to register and join your reward program. You can establish a variety of guidelines for how consumers can accumulate and use points, such as allowing them to acquire points for each successful purchase and then use those points as a discount.

The majority of well-known product review applications are compatible with the Joy app. Customers can receive incentives for leaving reviews. If you want to switch, you may easily import data from other loyalty solutions.

9. Easyship

With the help of the all-in-one shipping tool Easyship, you can reach clients worldwide while paying less for delivery and seeing improved conversion rates. For their delivery services, over 100,000 retailers utilize Easyship to save time and money.

Using a single account, Easyship gives you access to pre-negotiated shipping options from couriers all around the world. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly dashboard where you can manage orders, print shipping labels, store product specifications, access invoices and receipts, create return orders, and more.

10. PushOwl

With just one click, PushOwl enables you to add website visitors to your subscriber list so you can send them offers and notifications via web push notifications. In essence, the software develops a brand-new marketing channel for your Shopify store. PushOwl makes it simple to set up the opt-in procedure, deliver time-sensitive promotions, and easily construct and plan online push campaigns. 

Up to 500 impressions (push notifications successfully sent) every month, you can use the app without paying anything. You’ll need to upgrade to a Business plan, which starts at $19/month, if you want more impressions. The PushOwl’s Enterprise Plan, which starts at $149/month, offers access to some capabilities like segmentation or flash sales. All options offer an unlimited number of subscribers. By making annual payments, you can save up to 20%.


We sincerely hope that this list has assisted you in learning about some Shopify free apps. Obviously, just because they are free doesn’t mean you should install them all. Examine their features to determine if they are a good fit for your company. Choose wisely because the performance of your store will improve the less apps you have installed there. If you are finding an ecommerce agency to help you build your entire online storeScuti is here to help. 

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