Singpost delivery time and shipping: Everything you need to know

When selecting local and international shipping from Singapore, Singapore Post (SingPost) will undoubtedly be one of your courier options you should take into consideration. This is because SingPost has been Singapore’s local postal service provider for over 160 years. In this article, we provide all the information you require regarding SingPost’s shipping costs and delivery time both domestically and internationally.

SingPost delivery time and shipping for local

1. SingPost basic services

SingPost basic service

For mail sent locally using SingPost Basic, packages need to be with dimensions of 324 x 229 x 65mm, and weight up to 2kg. 

In addition, with basic mail of standard service sent by SingPost, it needs to have 324 x 229 x 14mm in dimension and have weight below 500g. Meanwhile, basic mail of non-standard service has 324 x 229 x 65mm in dimension, and weight up to 500g. 

SingPost delivery time for basic services locally

Mail and letters sent locally by SingPost basic services require 2 working days.

SingPost delivery rates for basic services locally

  • Packages: $1.55
  • Basic mail standard: from $0.31 to $1.15 
  • Basic mail (non-standard): from $0.60 to $1.70

2. SingPost speedpost delivery

SingPost speedpost service's delivery time

For the Speedpost standard package, it can be 600 x 400 x 300mm in dimension, and up to 30kg. Besides, for Speedpost express service, the package can be up to 5kg, with dimensions of 320 x 250 x 100mm.

SingPost delivery time for speedpost service

For Speedpost standard, the service requires 1 working day. Meanwhile, the Speedpost express service can be less than 2 hours. 

SingPost delivery rates for speedpost service

  • Speedpost standard: from $6.10 to $12.15

  • Speedpost express: from $15.15 to $25.25

3. SingPost tracked services

tracked package - SingPost delivery time

Tracked package service is for packages with dimensions of 324 x 229 x 65mm and weight up to 2kg. In addition, tracked mail is for mail with dimensions of 324 x 229 x 65mm and weight up to 500g. 

SingPost delivery time for tracked service

Tracked mail service requires 2 working days. Similarly, the same amount of time is for tracked package.  

SingPost delivery rates for speedpost service

Tracked mail rate is from $2.60 to $3.45. Meanwhile, the tracked package fee is $2.

4. Postage-paid packaging 

Postage-paid packaging - SingPost delivery time and shipping

This is a brand-new postage-paid alternative for senders seeking a hassle-free shipping experience at a reasonable price. For Poly M service with size of 230mm x 165mm and 330mm x 240mm, the fee is $20.50.

Another option of postage-paid packaging service is smartpac. Everything you need to do is to purchase smartpac from any post office offline or online. There are 3 sizes of pack you can choose. You can pack anything in the smartpac with no weight limit. Depending on sizes of smartpac, you may pay an amount of money from $22.00 to $32.00.

SingPost delivery time and shipping overseas

In fact, geographic zones determine the SingPost’s foreign delivery times and costs.

  • Zone 1: Brunei and Malaysia

  • Zone 2: Asia and the Pacific nations (except Australia, Japan & New Zealand)

  • Zone 3: The rest of the world, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand

1. SingPost ordinary mail for overseas

Ordinary mail service - SingPost delivery time and shipping

For both letters and small goods, the Airmail service requirement maximum weight limit is 2kg. For Surface mail service, the mail needs to have dimensions of 240 x 162 x 6mm. Additionally, you should notice the main difference between Airmail service and Surface mail are: Surface mail is restricted to sending letters only and does not deliver parcels to Zone 1 (Malaysia & Brunei).

SingPost delivery time for ordinary mail service overseas

Airmail mail service requires from 3 to 12 working days. Meanwhile, Surface mail service 3 to 17 weeks. 

SingPost delivery rates for ordinary mail service overseas

Depending on different zones, the Airmail service rate is from $0.80 to $1.50. 

2. SingPost Speedpost international delivery

Speedpost for overseas - SingPost delivery time and shipping

There are 3 types of service of Speedpost international delivery. They are Speedpost express, Speedpost economy and Speedpost priority. The package sent by these services can be up to 20kg.

SingPost delivery time for Speedpost international delivery

Speedpost express requires 2-9 working days. Speedpost priority requires 3 to 14 working days. In addition, the Speedpost economy needs 3-15 weeks. 

SingPost delivery rates for Speedpost international delivery

Depending on different zones, this service charges different prices for the package you want to send. You can view detailed information of your postage fee through this link


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