Top 20 amazing Shopify website examples to inspire you start up

Shopify is an amazing platform for companies all over the world to build and start their ecommerce business. Today we will take a look at 20 outstanding Shopify website examples that may inspire you to start up.

Quad Lock – one of the minimal Shopify website examples

Quad Lock’s website is simple and minimalist, with an emphasis on the products themselves. For Quad Lock, handpicked product collections depending on category (ride, run, moto, drive) and social proof in the form of logos are combined with an animated GIF showing the products in use.

Luxy Hair 

Luxy Hair is one of the greatest Shopify stores with a simple design. Online customers are greatly influenced by a white background, straightforward call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and a focus on the advantages of the product.


Haus offers modern lighting and furniture. They all come from European and independent designers, making their selection distinct from what you may get in your neighborhood shop. Their Shopify website has a contemporary style. It complements the design of their goods.

Anecdote Candles

This online shop was designed with a minimalist style with pastel color, matching with the design of their goods. 

Tattly – one of the Shopify website examples with bright and bold design

Tattly is one company that embraces color. For areas of their website, they use vivid, solid-color backdrops to add vitality to the experience while also making navigation simple for consumers.

Death Wish Coffee 

Although the Shopify website for Death Wish Coffee is primarily black, we have judged it bright and bold mainly because of the typefaces and red accents. Moreover, the copywriting is bold.

Harris Farm Markets – one of the Shopify website examples with texture and colored design

On their website, Harris Farm Markets uses a variety of textured off-white backdrops for various panels. The backgrounds inspire a rustic, farm-like atmosphere that is appropriate for the brand.

Little Sparrow 

Little Sparrow maintains a straightforward website while adding a unique touch with a modest polka-dot backdrop. It’s understated enough to not draw attention to itself, yet amusing enough to make it stand out.

William Abraham

Many Shopify instances might look more luxurious and sophisticated with all-black backgrounds. This is one of Shopify website examples run by William Abraham showcases their items. Each and every type of exquisite male sock imaginable is available from William Abraham. There is something for everyone, from casual to dress, in a variety of fabrics and prints.

Yoga Rebel – one of Shopify website examples designed with large photo

Yoga Rebel sells yoga and fitness apparel. It is regarded as top of the line and is offered globally. They have a wide range of clothing alternatives, so don’t restrict them to only sports bras and leggings. Yoga Rebel frequently shoots in outdoor settings to get stunning lifestyle images that highlight their products. One of the best Shopify stores we’ve seen, the website is made outstanding and beautiful by the photographs. 


The website for Allbirds is as vibrant as the company itself. The huge, vivid product and lifestyle photographs that highlight the objects themselves and the materials they are made of are the actual stars of the show.

Novo – one of the top unique Shopify website examples

There are many high-end watch companies available online, however NOVO watches didn’t employ the same strategy as the Shopify websites of their rivals. Instead, they employ less formal and more handwritten-looking fonts, a vibrant color scheme, and plenty of visual drawings.

Manitobah Mukluks

For the display of the products, Manitobah Mukluks is among the top Shopify stores. The homepage includes a full-width graphic that emphasizes footwear and three snappy words to beg visitors to visit the store’s “moccasins” section. 

Once there, the company’s bright goods stand out against a clean, white background, grabbing the visitor’s attention.


Gymshark’s product nearly shouts “healthy” because of its colors, models, and photos, and it’s a great illustration of how one individual can succeed in business with only a little bit of passion, a garage, and a Shopify store.


With about 85,000 unique visitors every month, Ruggable is among the most user-friendly Shopify store examples we came across thanks to its FAQ website, sample video, and multiple product-filtering options.


Photos of mouthwatering goodies draw attention to Flourist’s Instagram feed, which reflects its dedication to freshness and quality while also featuring recipes. Engagement is prompted by each thoughtfully presented example of honest cuisine created with Flourist’s fully traceable grains.


The functional-looking Shopify store run by BioLite strikes the ideal balance between its offerings and information. Customers may navigate BioLite’s comprehensive product portfolio, which includes line drawings on the drop-down menu, and its business timeline is an innovative way to add life to a “about us” page. But the “Compare” table, which makes it simple to compare and contrast various products, has to be the favorite feature of web visitors.


Safe, deodorants without aluminum and other ingredients are available from SmartyPits. In addition to working as a clever SEO tactic, repeating terms like “aluminum-free” promotes the company’s commitment to health and the environment.

I Love Mole 

The website’s layout and color scheme highlight the goods in a way that is unusual for Shopify companies. It just seems right, and when you add the website’s high-quality images and written material to the mix, it’s impossible not to enjoy the shop.

La La Land

It’s more oriented to the female portion of its visitors, but that doesn’t mean it alienates the other half of its potential customer base. What’s more, it’s clearly working for everyone with its fantastic content, colorful design, and high functionality.


These Shopify example sites should have provided you with some ideas about what is feasible for your company. You may create the ideal Shopify store for you whether your objective is usability, lovely design, accessibility, or success in creating a community. If you want to hire an ecommerce agency to build a Shopify website for you, we are here to help. *

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