Most inspiring Shopify stores in Singapore with the exceptional design and amazing features

Almost a million independent companies from a variety of industries with owners from a variety of backgrounds create their own brand of change via commerce at Shopify. This is a collection of motivational Shopify stores in Singapore with exceptional design and amazing features that may be used as examples for those who are starting their own businesses.

Top best Shopify store with exceptional design

Perk by Kate

This store’s layout is pretty straightforward, but it works well in terms of delivering content. The whole “hot image” with a stunning model and presentation of the collection/product is presented in the middle of the page.

You can see from top to bottom

– A display of two collections. The image will take you to the product collection when you click on it.

– Exhibition invitation. There are physical and online locations for this store. Therefore you can visit the showroom and try the merchandise on to see if it fits your size.

– Featured product assortment. Your focus might come to the specific products instantly, thus this content segment will draw your attention and take action.

– Unique offers or promotions. C cross promotion. At the bottom of this home page, the sister company Withyuu store, which is also powered by Shopify, fits perfectly.

Lush Furniture

Shopify can assist you in creating an online store if you operate a furniture business. On the Singaporean market, the Lush brand has been active for over 13 years and is still going strong.

With the addition of a local phone number and a WhatsApp number, the Lush brand successfully communicates with its clients. 

The Lush Blog concept follows the course of the consumer journey from a Google search to reading the blog post to getting more information about the product and visiting the collection/product page.  Great use of the Shopify Blog function with sincere material that aids in furniture selection for retailers.


Sifr is a company with a store in Singapore that sells clothing. In this instance, they market shirts made with a special design. Suraj, Daryl, and Mariah are the three guys who founded the company. The store’s interface is easy to use on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Quad Lock

The Shopify website of Quad Lock demonstrates an exemplary use of visually appealing elements to enhance the user experience. The website features an animated GIF that showcases the products in action, allowing potential customers to have a better understanding of the product’s functionality. Additionally, Quad Lock has created product collections for specific categories, which include ride, run, moto, and drive. This allows the customers to conveniently navigate through the website and find the product they are looking for. Moreover, the website incorporates social proof in the form of logos to build trust and credibility amongst the users. The logos of renowned brands provide a sense of assurance that Quad Lock is a trustworthy and reliable company. By combining these elements, Quad Lock has created a visually stunning and user-friendly website that offers an enjoyable shopping experience.

The Modern Shop

The Modern Shop employs a minimalistic approach to their website design by utilizing a simple white background and a subtle blue accent color to put their products in the spotlight. By limiting distractions and keeping the focus on their products, the website ensures that potential customers remain engaged in their offerings.

To sum up, The Modern Shop presents a website that is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly for potential customers, making it an excellent addition to the Shopify website examples.

Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair is considered as one of the top-performing Shopify stores that excels in minimalistic design. The website boasts a clean and simple aesthetic that focuses on the core aspects of their products, namely hair extensions. The website utilizes a predominantly white background that sets a great canvas for the products to stand out. Additionally, Luxy Hair employs simple call-to-action (CTA) buttons that guide visitors to explore deeper into their products. The minimalistic approach works exceptionally well for the brand, as the product features and benefits take center stage without any distractions.

Hiut Denim Co.

The Shopify store of Hiut Denim Co. showcases a unique design approach that diverges from the conventional eCommerce feel. Instead, the website exudes a distinct newspaper or editorial vibe. This means that visitors are welcomed with a content-rich and visually impressive homepage. Such an approach works to provide a more aesthetically pleasing and satisfying shopping experience for the customers. Hiut Denim Co. stands apart from its competitors by focusing solely on denim production, providing high-quality, and information-rich content, coupled with visually stunning images. In conclusion, the website’s design encourages visitors to explore and engage more by consuming the content, which enhances the potential buyer’s experience.

Studio Neat

The website leverages its products as the central focal point, opting for minimum distractions and clutter. Studio Neat’s homepage employs large panels and gorgeous photographs to display its range of products in the most favorable light. Additionally, the website ensures that potential customers are presented with a clear, concise vision of how its products may improve their lives. 


Hardgraft, a luxury brand, is well known for its sophisticated and refined approach to design. Naturally, it follows that their website should reflect the same level of elegance and panache. Visiting the website evokes a sense of exclusivity, coupled with a high-end aesthetic, that sets the Hardgraft brand apart from the competition. In addition, one striking aspect of Hardgraft’s website is its soft gray background which helps to maintain a high-end look and feel throughout the website. By opting for a light gray background rather than the standard white, Hardgraft sets a tone of exclusivity that is reinforced through the website’s sleek visuals and attention to detail.


Shopify is a great tool for assisting retailers in expanding the online client acquisition channel. The entire platform is fairly versatile, enabling you to create an online store tailored to diverse industries and merchant demands.

In that case, feel free to read this review if you’re new to Shopify and ecommerce in general and want to learn more about starting a Shopify store in Singapore. If you need assistance to build a Shopify ecommerce website, Scuti is here to help. 

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