In the rapidly evolving technological era we’re in today, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming one of the most talked-about trends. However, developing and deploying AI applications still poses many challenges, especially for those without programming experience. That’s why the emergence of Coze AI, a comprehensive and convenient AI bot development platform, has made a significant stride in making AI more accessible than ever.

Launched on February 1, 2024 by ByteDance (the parent company of TikTok), Coze AI allows users to quickly “create a chatbot without programming.”

With its unique features, Coze AI promises to provide you with an exciting experience as you take control by creating a chatbot trained by yourself.

First, let’s explore some of Coze’s standout features:

Create chatbots without coding

Coze AI allows users to create chatbots without the need for programming skills by using pre-built plugins, knowledge, and workflows. This enables users without programming experience to easily develop artificial intelligence applications.

Multi-platform integration

Coze AI enables users to create chatbots for various platforms such as Discord, Instagram, Slack, Telegram, and more. This provides flexibility in deploying chatbots across platforms that businesses are using.

Diverse plugin library

Coze AI’s plugins extend the capabilities of chatbots, helping you enhance the efficiency of your bot’s operations. With over 60 integrated plugins, this library allows users to customize their bots to efficiently serve specific purposes.

For example, you can add the Capcut plugin to create a chatbot capable of making videos or the Chatdoc plugin to read PDF files, summarize them, and answer questions about them. If the platform’s plugins don’t meet your needs, Coze also supports quickly integrating your own APIs into plugins.

In addition to these features, Coze AI has a significant advantage in its completely free nature. With Coze AI, you can experience free GPT-4, even GPT-4 128k, without any cost. This makes the platform an attractive choice for both novice developers, small businesses with limited budgets, and individuals seeking AI for their personal needs.

Once you have the basic knowledge of Coze, let’s explore how to use it to create your own intelligent chatbot or discover the available applications of Coze to learn together.

Step 1: Register/Login

Visit to create an account.

Step 2: Create a chatbot

Log in to your account and select “Create New Chatbot”. Alternatively, you can directly chat with the system chatbot and ask it to create your own chatbot.

Step 3: Design your chatbot

  • Create Persona & Prompt: This part is crucial as it will give your chatbot a clear personality and purpose. You can use the “Optimize” feature to automatically improve prompts.
  • Activate skills: Navigate to the Skills section to integrate necessary plugins such as Google Sheet for accessing and using spreadsheets or Dall-e 3 for image creation, enhancing your chatbot’s capabilities.

Step 4: Publish your chatbot

  • Announce your Chatbot: After completing the design and configuration, select “Publish” to make your chatbot operational.
  • Choose a platform: You can choose the platform where you want your chatbot to appear, such as Instagram, Telegram, etc., to expand interaction with users.

Step 5: Test your chatbot

Before officially deploying, test your chatbot to ensure that all interactions work as expected.

Step 6: Release your chatbot

Select Release Chatbot to start your chatbot.

I believe the article above has provided an overview of Coze AI as well as guided you on how to create a chatbot. In addition to helping you initialize a chatbot, Coze also offers the Bot Store with many pre-built bots created by users. You can easily clone these bots to upgrade and optimize them according to your own needs.

Coze is truly an impressive AI as it can both support you and your team in work tasks and serve as a versatile virtual assistant for personal purposes, helping you learn and be more creative. By mastering the use of conversations, your prompt writing skills will also improve, creating a platform for you to use and optimize AI more effectively.

You can confidently experience Coze because of the benefits it brings and because it is also a very promising AI for the future. ByteDance has demonstrated its competitive ability in the technology field with the success of the TikTok app and other products. They have shut down the Momoyu game platform and Baikemy medical encyclopedia to focus on AI. In addition, Douyin CEO Kelly Zhang – ByteDance’s most powerful woman – resigned to focus on CapCut and ByteDance’s AI, showing that AI has become a major concern for them.

Coze opens up a new realm of possibilities for using artificial intelligence, not only for professional developers but also for everyone. With its user-friendly interface and high flexibility, Coze is the ideal choice for anyone looking to quickly and effectively create AI applications.

Experience Coze AI and explore the power of artificial intelligence at your fingertips!

To learn more about Coze in the most comprehensive way, please visit the link

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