About this project

This project is making application for people interested in health. You may track your walking steps with this app, track your weight loss with jogging and cycling, and get daily water reminders.

All user types can use the step counting and running tracking applications. Suitable for tracking high-intensity training performance as well as everyday performance parameters monitoring to promote health.


Mobile App
Web App






DocumentDb, PL/pgSQL
Java, Laravel
AWS: EKS, Apigateway, Cloudfont, Auto deploy, CICD BlueGreen 
Workout Tracking App


The Challenge

– Track workouts

– Set and track goals

– Monitor progress

– Provide motivation


How Scuti Helped

1. Activity tracker

– Selectable workout activities include:

+ Walking tracker: the feature for your daily steps tracker or jogging tracker

+ Running tracker: track your running distance in miles or km,.., running cadence metronome

+ Cycling tracker: bike tracker free, help you find bike routes and cycling trails.

– Daily steps tracker 

+ This is the walking app, that allows you to track steps daily

+ Helps track daily exercise tracker activities, and movement of the body.

– Fitness tracking system

+ Walking distance tracker, time, route of walking, running distance tracker, and distance tracker for cycling.

+ Accurate GPS walker tracker measures pace

+ Calorie tracker: Calculate instant calories burned, at the time of exercise, measure calories, calories burned tracker

+ Easy running for weight loss with our free running app

+ Map your run and moving exercise with an accurate GPS walker tracker

+ Counting calories with calories burned calculator

+ Walking tracker with miles and calorie

– Medal for training achievements

+ You can set a daily walking challenge step goal as you like. Or choose from our target: stay active, keep healthy, get exercise, lose weight, and build muscle

+ In walking for weight loss, running, or cycling exercises you can also set your own distance goals

+ Unlock medals as you achieve new achievements 

+ Ranking achievements of the application community by the country and world, updated continuously

– Daily water reminder

+ Automatically select the amount of water that matches your body parameters or you can choose as you like

+ Set the reminder to drink water after a certain amount of time

+ Detailed statistics on the amount of water you drink, water reminder for weight loss

2. Analyze and save training history

+ Detailed statistics on the number of steps, calories consumed, run tracker with training distance that will help you burn calories workout tracker.

+ Save history by day, week, and month for easy running track distance and time

3. Make friends and share the results with the community

+ The app creates a social network space for a community of millions of users around the world.

+ Exchange, make friends, and share training achievements easily

+ Follow, like, and comment on any member activity you are interested in

4. Data synchronization

+ Link and sync with GG Fit, avoid losing data when reinstalling or changing devices

+ Easily sync data with Google Driver

+ Connect with Garmin smartwatch (continuing to update more watch kinds).

The distinct advantage of this project

– Beautiful interface, simple, easy to use

– The application has a battery-saving operation mode 

– Reminder notifications motivate you to get up to practice, drink water

– Secure absolutely private information

– All the features are FREE to use

– A vibrant community makes practice more enjoyable and motivates you to practice every day

– The app has running cadence music for you to enjoy while practicing.