About this project


DVR (Digital Video Recorder) stands for Digital Video Recorder, the type of video recording system used for security cameras. DVR is used to record video footage transmitted from the camera and store that stream so you can play it back later. In a DVR system, the camera stream is captured from analog cameras. A DVR-based system is a wired security system that is hard-wired to an HD or analog CCTV camera. When video is passed through a digital video recorder, it is encoded and processed by the chip inside the recorder. 

Toyota DVR is an application for connecting to the DVR Gen 3 for video playback from the camera. View the current image from the camera and change the settings of the camera through the application.


Mobile App




Video Recording System Video Recording System


The Challenge

Toyota DVR has the following user functions.

– Current video image via DVR camera

– Display results from the camera’s memory card, such as playing a video that has been saved in the memory card. Download video


How Scuti Helped

– Implement from suggested solution to customer.

– Livestream from the camera.

– On google Maps, Show locations extract from video.