About this project

The people we cherish—not just the individuals, but also the moments they provide us—disappear all too swiftly.

Memories best capture this; life is made up of people and moments.

Scuti was interested in finding out more about it by developing an application to store and keep all the memories that will live forever beside us.


Mobile App




React Native
Test Rails

Storage & Remembering Memories Application


The Challenge


– Use the latest technology at the moment

– Must be equipped with models of 6 platforms with the most advanced technology, because Americans use good products

– Payment is 1 month late, that is, at the end of October, when you close in October, you will receive the money in October at the end of November

– System meets storage with unlimited capacity and performance, S3 automatically expands as capacity increases

– Convenience and putting management phone information on the system for communication and sharing


How Scuti Helped


Multi-platform development on 6 types of devices including MacBook, laptop, iPad/android tablet, iPhone, and android phone connected to rosy server integrated on wheelchairs of elderly people in brain nursing homes.

Main functions and features:
– AI listens to voice commands like Siri, scans the iris
– Biometric login (fingerprint, face)
– Link contract, contract personal information to the app from Google, Microsoft, and Apple
– Solution to encrypt Apple account password with a general password, encrypt transmission information
– Solution to store photos/videos, bulk files, and multi-format (upload all file extensions including PDF, Image, Video, audio, Docs, and other files). PDF and Docs convert to PDF image
– Comment in files, face recognition solution, and tag people’s names on photos with faces
– User behavior tracking
– The app automatically updates the phone/tablet library to the app
– Auto logout after 10 minutes of non-use (except for cases where it is still uploading in the background) anywhere in the functions