About this project

This software is made to help new and experienced runners alike by offering inspiration, innovation, and direction. The app is considered one of the apps to stay motivated and active.


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Web App




Kotlin, SwiftUi
DocumentDb, Pgsql
Java, Laravel, Microservice
AWS: EKS, Apigateway, Cloudfont, Auto deploy, CICD BlueGreen

Running App


The Challenge


The customer sought an app solution with the following qualities:

– Easy navigation;

– Innovative user interface;

– Engaging and practical software;

– Competitive edge in the market;

– Advanced functions such as BMI calculator; calorie calculator; etc.

– Protect and safeguard user data


How Scuti Helped


– Monitoring Exercise Process

+ This app allows you to track running distance and cycling app tracker routes

+ Records automatically training progress, track my walking, speed, and walking tracker with miles and calories burned.

+ GPS walker tracker, Map your journal: Running tracking meter and cycling tracker by GPS to track your training location, draw your bike routes cycling trails, or riding map.

+ Provides weather information: air quality, wind speed, UV index, air humidity, and probability of rain. Help you choose the right time for making a running track distance and time workout.

+ Heat map: shows your movement frequency on the training roads (the more running an area, the brighter it shines) Analyze Activity

+ Pace: This running app will show your Avg. Pace and Best Pace

+ Time: include the Total Time and Moving Time

+ Distance: Running distance tracker function to measure the total distance that you have practiced

+ Calories burned tracker: Counting calories that you have burned, calories burned calculator

+ Step: include the total number of running steps; Cadence and your Stride Length

+ Elevation: the height of your running track compared to sea level.

– Set A Goal

+ Set an optional time for the walking challenge distance goal

+ Welly Community has many medals for you to strive and conquer

Ex: You can set a goal for 5km, 10km running, or walking for weight loss or this will be a great function if you want to practice for a marathon

– Voice Guidance

+ Support voice guidance with a language option

+ Optional guidance about the distance, time, speed, and elevation

– Workout Profile History

+ In the profile section always displays your total workouts at all activities, training charts by time, and calculate BMI

+ Your diary: Save your entire training history by date, month, and year and break down the details by each activity type like measure calories, bike routes cycling trails,…

+ Personal performance insight: analyze the percentage increase and decrease of the indicators in training calories burned

– Training Plan

+ 5K Running Plan: Lesson is for beginner, but enough for you to get used to running and participating in the 5K training

+ 10K Running Plan: Average training plan, giving beginners challenges and endurance tests for experienced runners

+ And many more training plans to burn calories

– Play Music

+ Connects to music players on your phone, running cadence music

+ Choose and listen to your favorite songs while practicing. Community Feature

+ A space for a community of millions of users around the world

+ Exchange, follow, make friends, and share workout achievements easily