About this project

The head of IT for the organization was searching for a scalable solution that would help with inventory management during employee onboarding and termination procedures. The business used a spreadsheet at the time to keep track of things like clothing, jewelry, and CDs along with employee statuses like onboarding, on-board, and offboarding, respectively. Obviously, for security, scalability, and efficiency considerations, the practice had to be discontinued.
Scuti help create a management software solution that works flawlessly on tablets and desktop computers. This web application would replace time-consuming Excel sheets and give the company’s IT staff a safe and user-friendly online platform for organizing and tracking duties linked to product management as well as for order administration. Additionally, the platform will track IT staff activity and give management of the business in-depth data.


Web App




AWS: EC2, S3, WorkMail, RDS, Autoscaling
Laravel PHP


Management Software SystemManagement Software System


The Challenge

Develop a system to manage products of the artist like clothes, fashion accessories, CD and order management system, and an API for exchanging data with the platform to discover and buy merch from all their favorite bands side.


How Scuti Helped

To start the management business this system is composed of 4 modules.

– Product management 

– Store management

– Order management

– API exchanging data with the platform mentioned

– Export/Import (product and order) to the delivery system

– Link products from a boutique asset management firm to an e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems market using API