About this project


This is a job information site for housewives or elderly people for short-term part-time jobs, one-off part-time jobs, and short-term dispatch jobs.

Users can search for short-term part-time jobs in Kanto, Kansai, Tokai, and all over the country, such as one-day part-time jobs, daily paid part-time jobs, and high hourly wages. Users can find a part-time job according to their convenience, such as near home or school.

Users can find the perfect job, from short-term part-time jobs in the popular Tokyo 23 wards to part-time jobs that pay on the same day.


Web App




AI Recommend system
Native App
AWS server
MySql, Redis

Job Information SiteJob Information Site


The Challenge


– The job search system includes actors: admin, clients, customers.

– The Admin page include functions to manage clients who are companies & businesses; manage entries, manage users,….

– The client page have functions such as creating recruitment posts, managing customers,…

– The customer page have functions for viewing and searching posts recruitment by region, job type,…Here, customers can apply for jobs.


How Scuti Helped

– Developed Admin Page: Service management function, Clients management function, Customers management function, ….

– Developed Client Page: Recruitmenting jobs management function,…

– Developed Customer Page & Mobile App: Recruitment service function