About this project

OLX Motors Europe needed a partner offering product design consulting services and flexible team extension to support them in designing products. The main value of the cooperation was exploration and evaluation of ideas. We supported the client in estimating the business value and ROI of the products we were responsible for providing and participated in implementing best practices into OLX Motors’ Europe product design process.




May 2022


Python NoteJS Solidity


The Challenge

The services provided by Netguru included: UX/UI design, web development (frontend and backend), React Native development for iOS and Android as well as further maintenance of the whole platform. To help the client approach new markets, Netguru ran a product discovery workshop.

The technology behind the project posed a particular challenge because of the original metasearch engine that would process criteria like “perfect for a meeting with your mom” or “vegetarian in London”. At the same time, the UX/UI team needed to find ways to simplify a complex, technologically advanced platform for a non-tech-savvy user base of the B2B tool.

The developers needed to tackle the aggregation of multiple third party providers. The two integrations worth an extra mention include Sendgrid for email automation and Stripe for online payments.


How Scuti Helped

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