About this project

Anyone who has a passion for golf can use the Golf Application. The application is a perfect golf course that helps users to calculate the distance, number of clubs, wind force, obstacles, and lake …. on the field to support users to make a reasonable strategy and to join a community, connect with others who share that passion, share golf accomplishments, check-in, and make new friends.

With more than 33,000 golf courses and resorts in more than 180 countries, it offers the largest golf course database in the world.

Users can search for the next golfing destination and browse courses with reviews. The application also offers an online store where users may purchase golf-related items to indulge their interest.


Mobile App








The Challenge

The customer was looking for an app that had the following features:

– Simple navigation

– An inventive user experience, useful and engaging software, and a competitive edge in the market.

– Preserve and protect user data


How Scuti Helped

– Topographic links, and diagrams of all golf courses in the world

– The solution to calculate the distance, number of sticks, wind force, obstacles, lake …. on the field supports users to make a reasonable strategy

– Trading in golf products