About this project

Technology-based education solutions can be included in the teaching and learning process.

To meet the client’s needs for maintaining academic syllabi & schedules, attendance management solutions, library management solutions, content management solutions, and a plethora of other education software development services for your educational institute, Scuti developed an integrated learning solution on tablets.


Mobile App




Unity 3D

PHP Laravel


The Challenge

– ISO certification for quality or security system

– The contract has a commitment to confidentiality and a privacy policy

– The system can meet the resources for 2000 schools under the organization with about 10 million students, managers, and teachers.

– Manager and BrSE both have to know Japanese

– Experience in handwriting recognition


How Scuti Helped

– Developing an integrated learning solution on tablets, a strategy of selling software and selling tablets

– Program and route to learning Japanese for students from grade 1 to grade 12

– The first project in developing an educational ecosystem of all subjects on tablets for students

– Main features:
+ Pen solution and touch partition
+ Learn in the form of questions in the order of learning: Draw with instructions -> draw without instructions -> y/n question.
+ Face recognition technology to dot right-wrong
+ Score accumulated points
+ Do the test in rounds, round 1 will do all, and round 2 will redo the wrong sentences
+ Automatically advance to class when passing a passing exam
+ Proposal + guide to drawing kanji
+ Skip the class to learn later (only applicable in 1 class)
+ Do the test in 3 types of Hiragana, Kanji, and Katakana