About this project

This document management system allows all documents to be stored in one place. All archives are stored online and remain organized for easy access by team members. What’s really easy is that you can search for a specific file and can find it instantly thanks to the text-based search and filtering system.

In addition, the application also helps users save time thanks to the planning tool.


Web App




AWS Cognito, Lambda, API Gateway

Document Management SystemDocument Management System


The Challenge


Due to ineffective document exchange and storage procedures, the client had problems. Their offices were dispersed among several sites and divisions.

Due to a lack of a single document repository, the staffing organization was unable to keep and distribute important company papers among offices in various locations. Due to an unstructured document storage system, they were unable to make timely decisions. Other difficulties included the following:

– No shared document repository;

– Finding updated versions of a document;

– Delaying the approval or rejection of a document;

– Managing user permissions;

– Documents could not be exchanged between departments and locations.

– Employees spend valuable time searching for the necessary information

– Employees doing menial chores like updating paper files manually

– The enormous cost of paper files takes up room in each office and also takes up space.


How Scuti Helped


Build a web application for operators

– Admin Page: User Management, Contract Management, Attached files Management…

– Client Page: The programmer uses Mxgraph to develop the page.