About this project

This project’s mission is to create a cryptocurrency wallet that would make completing transactions as easy as ordering a pizza. Scuti was asked to design and develop a complete web application along with custom security systems.






Express, Java
Laravel , MongoDB
Node.js, PL/SQL, Solidity
TinyDB, Vue.js


The Challenge


The key goal for this project was to analyze the competition and create a unique wallet experience. The owners of Cryptocurrency Wallet have been in the industry for a long time and have tested several cryptocurrency wallets, but have found that none of them fulfill all their needs. They approached us to design and develop a product based on market and user research that would have state-of-the-art security measures.


How Scuti Helped

– Wallet: Allows users to store and manage their cryptocurrency holdings securely.

– Trading: Users can trade various cryptocurrencies on a built-in exchange platform, that allows them to buy and sell with other users or with market prices

– Market data: Provides real-time market data, such as prices and trading volumes, for the various cryptocurrencies that are supported by the application.

– Portfolio management: Allows users to track their cryptocurrency holdings and monitor the performance of their portfolio over time.

– News feed: Provides updates on the latest cryptocurrency news and market trends so that users can stay informed about the industry.

– Security features: The application should include features such as two-factor authentication, fingerprint login, biometric security, and encryptions, to protect user’s assets

– Notifications: Push notifications can be set up, to notify users of important events such as price alerts and trades

– Multi-language support: to support multiple languages, to reach global users

– Multi-currency support: to support fiat currencies as well as cryptocurrencies