Hiring System Project

In this project, we have created a hiring system for recruitment management jobs and events related to employment

Candidate Application Tracking System

Candidate Application Tracking System provide a tool to link jobs and job seekers, help to find the most suitable candidates for the job and vice versa.

Healthcare Service System

This Healthcare Service System is a platform that gives consumers access to “Health and Wellness” services. It’s a simple, customizable solution that combines modern healthcare with the adaptability and convenience of an app for both service providers and service seekers.

Document Management System

This document management system allows all documents to be stored in one place. All archives are stored online and remain organized for easy access by team members.


Building Management Application

The project was developed to lower the risk of compliance problems in residents' portfolios and assist them in avoiding infractions and exorbitant fines.


Digital Content Sharing Platform

This platform is Web3 Decentralized music streaming platform and music NFT marketplace. This music streaming services allow users access to millions of tracks from any web-connected computer legally and free of charge.

Storage & Remembering Memories Application

Scuti was interested in finding out more about it by developing an application to store and keep all the memories that will live forever beside us.

Education Management System

Technology-based education solutions that can be included into the teaching and learning process. In this project Scuti developped an integrated learning solution on tablets.

Golf Application

Users of the Golf Application can search nearby golf courses, interact with other golfers from around the world, and play golf in a fun, interactive environment.


Health & BMI Tracker App

Millennials and members of Generation Z are using mobile applications more and more frequently, to integrate into their workout routines and health tracker like BMI.